July 20, 2012

Jack's Nursery

Let me give a little update first... I'm 38 weeks! Time was going by really fast until about 36 weeks, and now it is going SO SLOW. Mike and I just cannot wait for Jack to finally come. Last night Mike gave Jack a little pep talk and told him to hurry on out :) 

Everything is ready for him to come, and I mean everything. So now we are just waiting to see what happens! My OB said he thinks I will go into labor before my due date, so we will see :) Luckily I haven't been feeling very sick at all. My heartburn has gone way down, so now I just struggle with sleeping and I feel tired all of the time. But I would take that over feeling sick any day!

Here is a side note about Jack's room. There are a few things in his room that have come from my Grandma Kit. She passed away Oct. 29th 2011, and I have been feeling extremely close to her during this pregnancy. I got pregnant with Jack just a couple weeks after she passed, and I feel like she has been spending some good time with him in heaven before he comes down here. I love that I have some of her things to put in his room!

Okay, here are the pictures of the nursery!

We did a subtle travel theme, so we decorated with maps, ships, airplanes, trains, and other little mementos of travel. Here are some highlights of projects I did:

I re-wired the lamp fixture in the corner, converting it from a ceiling light into one I could plug in. Since we are renting I didn't want to wire a new light through the ceiling. I made the triangle banner across the top with some fabric scraps.

I sewed the blanket for his crib, along with the bed skirt. The bed skirt is actually just a strip of fabric with magnets sewn into the top, so it just attaches to the front of the mattress support. The luggage in the corner is a collection of new things I bought, luggage from an antique store, and luggage from my Grandma Kit. By the way, the sheep skin rug was a steal of a deal at Ikea.

This is the ruler growth chart I made, inspired by Pinterest. Everyone has asked why I chose "Brisby & Sons  Co." as the brand of the ruler. Well honestly I thought it sounded good, but I got the name Brisby from The Secret of Nimh :)

Mike and I found this dresser on KSL. It was dark brown and stained, so we completely refinished it along with new hardware. It was a lot of work but I think it turned out great! Not to mention we saved a lot of money by refinishing this piece rather than buying a new one with the style I wanted. The total cost for the dresser along with supplies to refinish was around $150.

I painted the blue lines on the lamp to give it more of a nautical theme. The blue travel journal belonged to my Grandma Kit :) It has her notes from her fun adventures in Europe.

I had a hard time finding a way to incorporate trains, so I decided to paint one onto a pillow. I found a graphic I liked online, traced it onto the fabric, and painted it with just acrylic paint.

I made this Jack sign by taking old pieces of driftwood and gluing them onto black backing. Also on the shelf below you can see all of the shells and rocks that Mike and I gathered from the beach in Carlsbad, CA on our recent vacation.

Well I hope you enjoyed that little tour through the nursery! 

April 16, 2012

Jack Michael Pierce

It's official! Baby Pierce's name will be...

Jack Michael Pierce

We both love the name Jack, and obviously his middle name is from Mike :) I've been busing getting the nursery ready and will devote a future post just to Jack's room. 

Mike and I went to my 21 week visit and got to see Jack doing his usual crazy wiggling all around on the sonogram :) This boy is REALLY active, it is so fun! The doctor did the full check and said that everything looks great. Afterward Mike said he was insanely nervous that we were going to find something wrong and that he was really relieved. Mike is so excited for Jack to come :) Every day he asks me if I've felt the baby move, he wants to make sure Jack's doing okay in there :)

On Mike's birthday we had a little adventure! After the evening came to a close I started feeling really sick. I got extreme abdominal pain and completely emptied my stomach. I knew it was attributed to something I had eaten at dinner, but we went to the ER just to make sure everything was fine with Jack. At the ER when they found out I was 22 weeks pregnant with abdominal pain, they sent me straight over to maternity. They hooked me up to the monitors and Jack was just as squirmy and healthy as ever :) They confirmed that it was just a really bad case of food poisoning, and I was able to go home after they hydrated me. 

I'm so grateful that Jack has been able to grow healthily!

February 4, 2012

Boy or girl?!

We are SO incredibly happy to tell everyone that we are having a baby boy!!! I was wanting a boy :) More to come later, but here is a picture!

January 4, 2012

Meet our baby!

Yesterday Mike and I went to the obstetrician for our first appointment! We were both very excited and anxious to hear/see the heart beat. I'm at 9 1/2 weeks so it took the doctor a minute to find the baby, but then our perfect little baby popped up on the screen :) We saw the heart beating on the screen, and they turned up the volume so that we could hear it!

Here is our first picture! You can see the head, arms, legs, yolk sac, and little hands and feet buds :)
Here is a picture that outlines what you can see:

The most exciting part of the visit is when the baby gave a big hardy kick! The doctor replayed it over and over again for us to see, it was awesome!

January 3, 2012


Mike and I are about to complete our second year of marriage and have had many adventures together the past few years. Our biggest adventure yet will begin when our family grows at the end of this summer! We're expecting a baby and I couldn't tell you who's more excited. Mike will call me during work simply just to yell in my ear, "WE'RE HAVING A BABY!"

I didn't think I would want to have children this soon. A few months ago I got a very distinct feeling that I was meant to be a mom. That it was my calling in life. I knew that it would be the most important and meaningful and beautiful thing I would ever do. So we decided to start trying, and it took a whopping 2 months for us to get pregnant! I feel so incredibly blessed, I've known so many people that have problems when trying to conceive, or problems in their pregnancy. So far the baby appears to be healthy, and I've been healthy.

I've been pretty sick the last few weeks, but I feel like I can't complain because I am so completely ecstatic with the reason why I'm sick!

Today I had my first visit with the obstetrician! I'll post on that soon :)